There's a Gamecube grip for the Nintendo Switch and we need to own it

Why on earth hasn't Nintendo done this yet?

The Gamecube is Nintendo's best console and the Gamecube controller is video gaming's best controller. No, no... that wasn't a question.

With this truth in mind, it eludes us why Nintendo has yet to capitalize on the form factor of its latest console, the Switch, which allows for custom controllers that snap directly onto the system. During the Switch's launch, there was quite a bit of discussion about what custom controllers could look like, but this has yet to materialize into anything more than some colorful JoyCons and novelty NES pads.

Born to play — That is, until now. Thanks to the efforts of Bill Paxton, Nintendo extraordinaire of the BitBuilt forums, there now exists a Gamecube-themed grip for the console that comes complete with its own Anker PowerCore 20,100mAh back-up battery brick.

As you can see in his YouTube clip of the homemade creation, all of the grip's inputs are functional and the Switch body itself fits snugly in the 3D-printed design. It even has rumble!

Get N or get out — There is obviously a market for the Gamecube layout on the Switch, as we've seen in a few custom third-party JoyCons and the booming market for the controller in the Super Smash Bros. scene. Nintendo, we want to give you our money. Fans have done all the legwork for you. Why don't you want us to be happy?