Leaks show a new Halo Infinite map — maybe

Please announce a release date soon, we have been patiently waiting.

An early 4k screenshot of the Master Chief in Halo Infinite

When it comes to the Halo franchise we all know patience is a virtue. The latest edition to the franchise, Halo: Infinite, which is currently being developed by 343 Industries was originally supposed to launch during the Fall of 2020. However a global pandemic — and some skepticism following its trailer last summer — upended those plans and so Infinite was delayed for a year.

Now as the release date looms closer and a beta version of the multiplayer was recently made available to the public, you can almost hear the vultures circling. And by vultures I mean those of us who are newly excited to play the game.

At the end of last week, a Twitter user by the name of @LeakyHalo uploaded a two minute clip that explores what is supposed to be a new Halo: Infinite multiplayer map.

gg — A free-roaming camera explores what looks like some sort of UNSC outpost equipped with rocket stations. As noted in the caption we see Sabre, a vehicle that has been part of the Halo universe since Reach.

This map seems like it would be tailor-made for slayer games as there are a number of large, open spaces for chaotic firefights but also plenty of close quarter areas mixed in. Timing those hallway grenades will be crucial. If it is indeed a playable option for the multiplayer mode, it would join five others that have already been announced: Live Fire, Bazaar, Recharge, Behemoth and Fragmentation. The first three having been playable in the multiplayer beta.

So when is it coming out? — While there has been no official release date for Infinite yet besides the general Fall 2021 announcement, you can probably expect the game to drop within the November-December range.

Halo: Infinite will put a bow on an active year for the Xbox, as the console has been busy with its Game Pass service and Insider program. The latter of which has introduced a number of tweaks on the margins like a 4k enabled dashboard.

Now we play the waiting game...