'Fall Guys' now has a ‘Monopoly’ game, but it’s still not on Nintendo Switch or Xbox

Board games just aren't video games, no matter what Mediatonic says.

Image of Fall Guys game, showing a colorful obstacle course that resembles a circus carousel.

Fall Guys was the cutesy battle royale game of 2020. With its obstacle courses that were surprisingly difficult and entertaining, it quickly become the game to stream on Twitch and play with friends.

Now that the hype has fall away, a Fall Guys themed Monopoly set has been released, which no one really asked for. But a Nintendo Switch or Xbox port would have been nice.

Where the hype went — Fall Guys was a huge hit at first. But after a few weeks, players noticed a sudden onslaught of cheaters, server issues and bugs. Game devs didn’t appear to be in any rush to resolve those issues, causing gamers and streamers alike to quit the game out of frustration.

Since its launch in August 2020, Fall Guys has gone from 124,000 average players to an audience of just under 9,000 on Steam. In fact, even after just a month of release, Fall Guys saw a 50% decline in average Steam players. Oof.

Why Monopoly? — Well, it appears that this tried-and-true classic family board game is grabbing licensing deals left and right, not unlike the Funko! Pop company. There’s a Monopoly game for pretty much every franchise in existence, ranging from Avengers Monopoly and Stranger Things Monopoly to Fortnite and Animal Crossing Monopoly. Everyone’s doing it... but maybe Fall Guys is a little late to the game.

Board game features — According to the Fall Guys Twitter account, you can “YEET” other players, which is Gen Z-speak for throw someone or something away with a flourish. There also appears to be little plastic obstacles for players to “jump” over.

But let’s face it — this is clearly for kids. The video game was a kind of all-ages phenomenon, but I just can’t imagine myself “yeeting” a little plastic figurine off a piece of cardboard. Call me cynical.

Console versions — Currently, the game is only available for PC and PlayStation 4. Mediatonic is working on Nintendo Switch and Xbox versions of Fall Guys, though they’ve been delayed and don’t yet have a release date.

In the meantime, you can yeet yourself on over to Amazon to buy the Monopoly version, I guess.