Father's Day

Father's DayFather's DayFather's DayFather's DayFather's DayFather's DayFather's Day

Father’s Day

Celebrating dads everywhere. They deserve the very best.

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How to be a stylish dad, as told by celebrity fathers

Let these eight famous dads show you how to elevate your fatherly fashion (and potentially embarrass your children less).


The 6 best electric bikes for dads who are dying for a new ride

In a world of endless e-bike options, there’s a two-wheeler to buy any dad on Father’s Day.

Father's Day

How to download all of Wikipedia

This Father's Day, get your dad the sum of human knowledge (for free!)

Love you dad

The 6 best digital picture frames for all of your dad's photos

For Father’s Day, get your dad a digital picture frame. From ones that auto-update to ones that double as smart displays, these are the six best to get dad.

Father's Day

These are the 9 gifts every gay dad wants

Not just any gift will do for the gay dads in your life.

Father's Day

Getting your dad the same gift every year is great, actually

Dad just wants another plaid shirt for Father's Day, and how can you blame them?

Dudes rock

8 fashionable gifts to get your zaddy this Father's Day

Whether you consider this person a father figure or a different kind of daddy, keep them looking good with these eight stylish gifts.

Father's Day

How to build dad the perfect mechanical keyboard for under $250

Save your dad from the doldrums of dull office work.

Father's Day

TikTok’s trans and nonbinary dads are challenging gender norms

They’re out and proud on social media, transphobes be damned.

Father's Day

The 6 best soundbars under $300 to get your dad for Father’s Day

Dad deserves a sound experience that's better than a TV's terrible built-in speakers. These budget soundbars are an easy, hassle-free upgrade.

Father's Day

The 6 best Lego sets to build with your dad this Father's Day

There's no better way to spend Father's Day than bonding over a Lego set. Just don't get mad when somebody inevitably skips a step.

Father's Day

15 Father's Day gifts we'd actually buy our own dads

What does dad really want this Father's Day? Skip the "I love you, Dad" card or "No. 1 Dad" mug and think outside the box with these 15 gift ideas.


6 workwear staples your dad will love for Father’s Day

Carhartt cargos and Timberland boots aren’t just a fashion statement. They’re a crucial element for working dads’ wardrobes.

Father's Day

How to style the dad shoe trend

A comfy running silhouette turned into a fashion mainstay seemingly overnight, but how do you style it?

Father's Day

The 11 best wireless earbuds and headphones to get dad for Father's Day

If your dad is still clinging to a pair of Apple EarPods grasping for life, here are 11 great wireless earbuds and headphones to look at for Father’s Day.

Father's Day

New Balance’s dirtied and ketchup-stained 57/40 sneaker is exclusively for dads

The chunky shoe implies a pristine lawn and expert grilling skills.