Father's Day

8 fashionable gifts to get your zaddy this Father's Day

Whether you consider this person a father figure or a different kind of daddy, keep them looking good with these eight stylish gifts.

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There seems to be one underlying theme among dads: They may need a little guidance when it comes to getting dressed, or at least, how you’d like them to dress.

That’s not to say dad staples like chunky sneakers and worn jeans are out of style — in fact, they’re anything but. Your significant daddy just needs to be directed to the right pieces, perhaps trading in their collection of beat-up sweatshirts for true grails.

Given you’ll have to teach them what grails are — and assuming said dad won’t keep up with trends themselves — try dressing your zaddy of choice in one of these eight pieces that will help them transition from disheveled to dapper. Maybe next Father’s Day, they won’t need your style help.

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Get your daddy out of their comfort zone and into knitwear. This striped cotton shirt takes on the same feel as any retro button-up, but its knit material will lend a laidback feel to daddy’s fit. Try styling the top with loose white pants and a sunset on the beach.

Spin a classic (and boring) Father’s Day gift into something fun with this pack of socks. Decorated with a minimalistic playing card graphic, these calf-high stretch knit socks are great for anyone looking to add a little something to their outfit, whether they’re pairing the socks with sneakers or dress shoes.

After trying out these unisex loose-cut pants, your daddy may never go back to other bottoms. Made with an elastic waist, adjustable drawcord, and side pockets, Stüssy’s Beach Pant is as versatile as it is comfortable. They can be styled with a graphic tee and Birkenstock slippers or a button-up and leather loafers.

Upgrade the meaning of “dad shoes” with these chunky Nike kicks. Built with signature Air cushioning, the Air Max 97 will keep daddy’s feet comfortable no matter what they’re doing. Try encouraging daddy to wear a pair with shorts, a hoodie, and a crossbody bag for a look that’s functional and fashionable.

Lean into the nostalgic feeling of Father’s Day with this vintage-inspired baseball cap. Hand-sewn from genuine wool baseball cloth, the hat will last its wearer a lifetime and will look even better if paired with vintage grails to match. Have you tried introducing your daddy to Grailed?

Encourage your daddy to show some leg with Patagonia’s classic Baggies shorts. The bottoms double as a streetwear staple and a great outdoor short, in case your significant dad likes to explore things other than you.

Stray from typical slippers and gift this cult-favorite pair instead. The Birkenstock Boston can be worn out of the house — in fact, it’s encouraged — and boasts a cork footbed that molds to feet for a one-of-a-kind fit. The clog also helps flex and strengthen feet, which can help ward off any ailments throughout daddy’s body.

Your daddy may be opposed to wearing a bag — at least, until they realize how practical it is. Suddenly, they’ll be able to keep chapstick, a laptop, keys, lighters, snacks, and anything else by them at all times and look good while doing so. No more worrying about fitting everything in their pockets.