Father's Day

These are the 9 gifts every gay dad wants

Not just any gift will do for the gay dads in your life.

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Regular Father’s Day gift guides are all well and good, but the queer dads in your life sometimes need something a little different. Something with that bit of je ne sais quoi that only comes from being, well, not entirely heteronormative.

We’ve taken just about every gift your gay dads could ever want and put it all in one place. Feel free to pull from this list even if your dad is a cisgender straight man, though — we’re not going to gatekeep these great finds.

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Every dad should care about their skincare, but queer guys are just better at following through. Dr. Dennis Gross’s facial steamer uses “micro-steam technology” to purify and hydrate skin.

Dream Daddy is one-of-a-kind. In it, you play a hot dad (yes, you can customize his appearance) and your only goal is to meet and court other hot dads. There’s Teacher Dad, Goth Dad, Bad Dad… and a few other eligible bachelors, too. Bonus: Dream Daddy runs on just about any platform or console you can think of.

The Texas LGBTQ+ community has found itself under attack far too often this year already. Legislators in Texas have been pushing bills that essentially deem gender-affirming healthcare to be “child abuse.” Queer youth in Texas need safe spaces and resources to navigate their options, and Equality Texas is one of the top organizations making that possible.

Let’s be honest: your gay dad probably already has a bidet. That doesn’t mean his bathroom experience is complete, though. Tushy’s Ottoman comes with either bamboo or white legs, both of which match with basically any color scheme. And it comes in two heights, depending on how deep your dad likes to crouch.

Whether or not your dad is a camping enthusiast, they're surely interested in getting away from the stresses of daily life every once in a while. A single-person portable hammock is a perfect place for dad to forget about gravity for a little while — whether it’s on the deck, at a quiet park, or just between two random trees. Bonus: the SingleNest comes in a bunch of nice colors.

StoryWorth is all about collecting stories from your loved ones. Once a week, you get to choose a question you want your dad to answer about their life — what they spent their Saturdays doing as a kid, for example. After a year of questions, dad's replies are bound into a custom keepsake book. You can even order extra copies for next year’s gift. Gay dads are sappy. They’ll live for it.

Whether or not your dad owns a rainbow flag, we promise this one is better. The Progress Pride Flag, which was designed in 2018 by non-binary artist Daniel Quasar, is a much-welcomed update to the classic rainbow design seen everywhere. Ten percent of all sales on Flags For Good goes to a rotating selection of affirming charities.

There are plenty of pipes and bongs at your local head shop, but Laundry Day is really elevating the more stylish side of smoking. Dad will be in for a treat as they watch the smoke gather in the Hudson Pipe’s semi-transparent glass — and then they won’t even want to stow it away after. We’re partial to the pink, but all the color options are gorgeous.

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