This bong disguised as a water bottle isn't an April Fool's joke

“Budsy” is there for you "when discretion is needed most," says maker Puffco.

Puffco, a maker of high-end cannabis vaping devices, has released a new product called “Budsy” that is, quite literally, a bong disguised as a water bottle. The bong-tle (?) went up for pre-order on April 1, suggesting it might have been a gag. But the company says Budsy is a real thing you can buy. When it becomes available again, that is — the $49.99 stealthy bong is currently sold out, but Puffco says it expects to have stock again in “the second week of May.”

In a press release, Puffco says Budsy is a bong that hides in plain sight, “making a perfect companion for any adventure.”

Inconspicuous consumption — Budsy is Puffco’s first product designed for use with cannabis flower rather than concentrates, which its most popular Peak Pro vape is designed for. The bottle doesn’t use any electronics — a small bowl is stored under the lid and when you’re ready to rip a fat one, you move the bowl into the ready position above the water and spark up. According to Puffco, the small bowl is made out of ceramic and uses a silicon tab so it’s easy to grab and move around. The bottle itself is BPA-free.

You can imagine the idea seems to be that you would be able to bring Budsy over to your parent’s house on your next trip and not have to worry too much about them learning of your habits. Just step outside and rip one before closing the bottle back up — they’ll be none the wiser. The press release describes Budsy as, “a water bottle to the world, a bong to you, a friend to all.”

Budsy is, of course, not multi-purpose. Unless maybe you’re sick and enjoy the taste of bong water? If you have a partner you should probably warn them against reaching for the Budsy when they’re thirsty.


Lux toking — Puffco’s most popular product is the aforementioned Peak Pro, a $399 vape for cannabis concentrates. It’s been compared to an Apple product, and won a Cleo award for product innovation.

Sales of cannabis reached a record $17.5 billion in America alone last year. As marijuana becomes more broadly legalized and accepted around the world, an industry has sprouted up to innovate on the actual devices people use to consume cannabis.

Last year, a company called Varnatech released the Halo+, an electronic mason jar lock that secures flower so the wrong people can’t raid your stash. Pax, a popular maker of vaping devices traditionally designed for nicotine, released its first cannabis vaporizer. The Pax Era Pro uses pods of cannabis concentrate that the company sources from vetted partners. A corresponding mobile app lets users access information on the concentrates they’re smoking and even adjust the temperature. The app is only available on Android, as Apple has a ban on apps that encourage consumption of controlled substances.

If you want to purchase Budsy, you can sign up on Puffco’s site to receive updates and get on the waiting list for the May re-stock.