There’s an Aston Martin helicopter now

For when a standard helicopter just isn’t good enough.

Aston Martin

Airbus has teamed up with Aston Martin to create a helicopter that will fly above the rest, so to speak. Called the ACH130 Aston Martin Edition, this helicopter is supposed to offer the type of high-performance, luxury experience you’d expect from the premium car brand, but now in the skies.

In a press release today, the two companies said that the ACH130, “will delight helicopter owners and pilots who appreciate the pleasures of possessing and driving high-performance bespoke luxury cars.” Ah, yes, that describes me perfectly...

Stand out from the helicopter crowd — From the pictures we’ve seen thus far, this helicopter looks like an absolute beast.

The ACH130 will sell in four different interior and exterior design configurations enabling customers to truly personalize their chopper. And, so your fellow chopper owners know that yours is an Aston Martin edition, its logo will be “tastefully” embossed onto leather throughout the cabin. The seats will feature leather detailing taken from the DB11, ensuring the ACH130 “sits in harmony” with Aston Martin’s sports cars.

On the exterior, your choice of four colors will start at the top and gracefully fade to black on the underside of the chopper. Did I mention that the outside of the helicopter will feature a plaque with the owner’s name on it?

Airbus is already taking orders, with deliveries starting in the next few months. Place your order and let us know which configuration you choose! The rest of us peasants will have to stick with Uber Copter.