Panasonic announces first HDR capable UHD VR eyeglasses

All that definition in a more comfortable frame.

David Becker/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Panasonic is making virtual reality less cumbersome with the world’s first HDR capable ultra high definition VR eyeglasses. The lightweight new frames were made in collaboration with VR glasses manufacturer Kopin Corporation and displayed at CES 2020.

With its elongated display window, the specs are throwing out some serious steampunk vibes. A pair of earbuds is also attached to the temples to provide sound while adding minimal bulk.

Raymond Wong/ Input

Some specs — Panasonic touts a micro OLED panel that displays natural, smooth images without a screen door effect. On the audio front, the glasses utilize Technics’ original dynamic driver equipped with magnetic fluid to achieve high quality sound with ultra low distortion reproduction. 3M was also brought in to help create the lightweight optical module.

As of now, Panasonic has yet to announce any release details for these streamlined VR glasses. So you’ll have to live a little longer with your bulkier VR goggles.