Finally, a guitar pedal that does exactly what it advertises: nothing

Okay, that’s not entirely true. Chibson’s Placebo pedal has a little light that turns on when you press it, at least.

The musicians’ parody purveyors of Chibson USA (named after the unofficial moniker given to cheap, knock-off Gibson guitars from overseas) recently made the foray into physical products with its new Placebo Pedal, arguably the first pedal to entirely delivered as advertised: the damn thing does absolutely nothing.

Thanks to a partnership with the Chicago-based Daredevil Pedals, Chibson’s Placebo is a real accessory that can connect to your guitar and amp, and even turns on when pressed... but that’s about where things end, apparently. “The Placebo Pedal looks and feels just like a real pedal with its custom Chibson USA powder coat graphics and matching collector’s box. It also has a working foot switch, Input/Output jacks and even functioning knobs that read ‘Dosage’ and “FX,’” explains Daredevil and Chibson’s product description, adding, “If you really want to get crazy you can plug it in and the light will turn on!”

The limited-run Placebo Pedal can actually be yours for just $99 (“Retail - $1495.99,” obviously), but if the idea of plopping a hundred down on literal vaporware sounds a bit extreme, even as a goof, Daredevil will supply schematics and a circuit board to convert the Placebo into an actual, working fuzz pedal for an extra $25.

Not the first time a pedal schematic has come in handy — Oddly enough, this isn’t the first time we’ve covered guitar pedal circuitry, although the last time around was a bit more depressing. Back in January, QAnon cultists began circulating what they claimed to be a leaked schematic detailing COVID-19 vaccination’s 5G microchip implants... only for musicians to quickly note that the image was just a guitar pedal’s circuit map. Embarrassing for Q truthers? Possibly. Although, given many of their fervent devotion, we doubt even that snapped many out of their Trump-induced trances.

This pedal may actually move some units — Before we laugh off Chibson’s Placebo Pedal entirely, it’s probably worth noting that guitar sales have gone absolutely bonkers over the past year as many tried to stave off quarantine boredom by taking up the new pastime. With that many more people picking up an axe, it stands to reason that Chibson and Daredevil could move a few more units than even they estimate.