The ultrarich are killing the planet / The ultimate underground bunker

On this episode, we’ve got two stories for the end times.

Astronaut monster eats earth planet. Greed and hunger of mankind concept. Pop art retro vector illus...

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Episode 32: The ultrarich are killing the planet / The ultimate underground bunker

Society considers being filthy rich something to aspire to. However, scientists argue in a new analysis, the pursuit of affluence goes directly against the idea — and feasibility — of a sustainable system. Input news editor Cheyenne MacDonald wrote about this study and asked that rich people please stop killing the planet. She joins us to discuss. And later: These days, a lot of us have the end of the world on our minds. And have we found the perfect subterranean bunker for you. Designed by a Ukrainian architecture firm, it’s called "Underground House Plan B,” and it would make a stylish lair for a Bond villain. Unfortunately, it’s only a concept for now. Input news editor Craig Wilson joins us to talk about it.

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