Wondering how that guy on TikTok drives a jet ski on land? Here's the answer.

The "Scootski," as it's dubbed, is a Honda Elite motorcycle with the body of a Sea-Doo.

The viral TikTok starts off simple enough: A woman is speaking to the camera, nervously explaining to viewers that she just dented her car and is about to tell her husband. You're expecting to see the reaction of an angry husband next — but the situation takes a shocking turn. She flips the camera around to finally show her husband, and we see him driving up to the house... on a jet ski?

Yes, a Sea-Doo jet ski to be precise. An annotation in the video nonchalantly states, "(yes he drives a jetski)" like it's no biggie.

Just enjoy how the man pulls up and listens to his wife explain what's supposed to be a serious situation. His straight-faced demeanor is completely undermined by his goofy ride, which can only be described as something out of The Jetsons. In case you thought it couldn't get more extra, he's even wearing Crocs to round out the aesthetic. The entrance gets funnier every time you watch it.

Scootski? Boatercycle? — The driving jet ski itself raises so many questions. Is it safe? Is it street legal? Can the jet ski still float on water? Does the man driving it know how goofy (and yet, iconic) he looks? It turns out all our questions have already been answered.

The man driving that beautiful beast, Nick Stemple, first made the news for his driving jet ski two years ago. And he doesn't care what anybody thinks about the Scootski, as he's dubbed it. Back in 2019, Stemple told KMPH-TV in California that the Scootski is not really a jet ski at all, but rather a Honda Elite motorcycle with the outer body of a Sea-Doo. It sadly won't float on the water, on account of the giant hole underneath, but it is street and highway legal, reaching speeds of about 70 mph with a fuel efficiency of around 30-40 miles on a gallon.

A true inspiration — Stemple was first inspired to make the Scootski by one of his friends who'd made something similar, and says it took several months of work to get it built. Since then he's made an entire brand around the Scootski with his own YouTube channel by the same name, where he documents his adventures.

Unsurprisingly, the jet-ski motorcycle (boatercycle?) turns a lot of heads — who wouldn't do a double-take when they see a literal jet ski flying through the streets? Stemple told KMPH-TV that he enjoys the attention. "The one thing I love about it is honestly just the way people are with you. You get like people probably just having the worst day ever, and then they just see a jet ski just going down the road, and they just have the biggest smile ever."

Stemple says he sold his other motorcycles and he's not looking back. Scootski Nick, we love you.