Apple Watch will incentivize your gym workout program with rewards

Fitness junkies will appreciate this Apple Watch Connected program.

Back view of beautiful sports people running on a treadmill in gym

Apple has a new rewards program for Apple Watch users in the United States. Depending on which gym you to go, Apple Watch Connected will let you win membership deals, discounts, athletic wear offers, make donations to a cause of your liking, and more.

Sync your workout data — Part of the fun of this Apple Watch Connected program is that you can sync your workout data and quantify your progress in real time. The pairing process is heaven for fitness junkies who want to dig deep into their regimen and keep an eye on their results.

Dangling the carrot — For millions of people, including yours truly, fitness incentives motivate them to get up and work out.

It's not a complicated process. The promise of a reward can and often does galvanize a person's enthusiasm and commitment to an objective. Companies do this all the time. So, Apple Watch isn't doing anything new with its Connected program since gyms like Gold's Gym and others have their own apps and relevant rewards programs. It's just another form of rewarding people for clearing out their specified goals at the gym.

So if you go to YMCA, Crunch, Orangetheory, or Basecamp, and you have an Apple Watch, it's worth giving this rewards program a shot. If nothing else, it feels objectively good to get a virtual pat on the back for committing to and accomplishing that insanely hellish staircase workout.