The Zero SR electric motorcycle is getting a huge top speed upgrade

Zero Motorcyles Z-Force lithium-ion batteries up to 20 percent more power

104 mph

How fast the updated Zero SR tops out at.

Zero Motors

The Zero SR, one of Zero Motorcycles’ longest-running electric motorcycles, is receiving significant upgrades this year. It can now reach a top speed of 104 mph, thanks to its ZF 75-10 motor, and it delivers 122 ft-lb of torque and 74 horsepower. That’s not quite as powerful as some of Zero’s other bikes, but at $17,995, it’s more affordable, too.

Unlocking the new SR’s full potential will bump that price up a bit, though. You’ll need to buy the Power Tank — an extra few thousand dollars — along with a few Cypher Store upgrades (more on that in sec) to actually hit the 20.9 kWh of battery life, for example.

The SR will be available at Zero Motorcycle dealerships and online sometime in Q1 of next year. Let’s hope this one doesn’t have trouble with its brakes.

Zero Motors

Battery boost — Zero Motors is also stepping up its battery game big time for its forthcoming 2022 lineup. The newest versions of the company’s Z-Force lithium-ion batteries can hold up to 20 percent more power, thanks to design and architecture improvements.

The new power packs come in two standard capacity sizes: 14.4 kWh and 15.6 kWh, though both packs can also be upgraded for slightly more power. The larger battery can be paired with Zero’s Power Tank for 21 kWh of onboard power — a new high for the company. Zero says the maxed-out battery can power a motorcycle for 227 miles of city travel or 113 miles on the highway.

On-demand upgrades — Zero’s impressive battery news is only overshadowed by the creation of the Cypher Store, an à la carte upgrade center that can be accessed at any time. The store is an extension of the Cypher III+ operating system Zero’s bikes already run on, and it can be accessed from the existing Zero app.

The Cypher Store’s upgrades can be purchased whenever you want. Each unlocks a new feature to improve your riding experience — the initial list of options includes faster charging, extended range, performance boost, heated grips, park mode, and on-dash navigation. Once purchased, an upgrade can be downloaded right to the motorcycle via a Wi-Fi connection.

Zero Motorcycles

Zero says the Cypher Store will open up worldwide by early Spring 2022. The company plans to add additional upgrade options in the future, too.