YouTube Music is getting a “new releases” section

It displays recent song and album releases.

SOPA Images/LightRocket/Getty Images

YouTube Music is receiving a new section that displays a selection of recent song and album releases. The music streaming app has already offered a playlist of such music, but the new section is more comprehensive.

Android Police says that while the old playlist offered up no more than ten releases, it estimates the new section features more than one hundred. The collection seems to vary by geography but otherwise isn’t personalized based on your listening habits.

Google’s music strategy is confusing — YouTube Music launched in 2015 and shouldn’t be confused with the older Google Play Music, which as you might have guessed is another music streaming service from the same company. YouTube Music is bundled with YouTube Premium for $12 per month or $10 per month without the addition of ad-free YouTube. It’s all confusing, but Google Play Music is expected to be discontinued at some point in favor of YouTube Music.

Recent data suggests that YouTube Music is a minor player in the music streaming space with an estimated five percent share of the market. That’s despite the fact that YouTube promotes it heavily in its main video app.