You can now buy an EV charger on Amazon

Wallbox's Pulsar Plus is a small residential EV charger that you can buy on Amazon and install in a day.

So, you got a new electric car, or maybe you’re considering buying a new EV and you’ve thought to yourself: How am I going to charge this sucker? You’re in luck: Wallbox, the company we discovered at CES back in 2020, has just unveiled its latest EV charger that you can install without hiring an electrician. Probably.

Wallbox’s new Pulsar Plus is a Level 2 EV charger that can juice up your ride at up to 40 amps on a 240 volt plug. This means that you can connect it up with a regular NEMA 14-50 plug that you’d normally associate with a dryer or an RV. Assuming that you have one of those in your garage to spare, you could order one of these and install it the same day you get it.

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That said, you probably don’t have a spare 30 amp circuit just standing by, but adding one is something your family electrician would be able to do without it becoming a huge thing. The Pulsar Plus is also programmable, so you can reduce the amperage in software in case you’ve got an ancient house from the 1800s in Upstate New York like I used to.

The Pulsar Plus also has a bunch of neat smart features, like the ability to load balance with a second Pulsar Plus (or more) to charge multiple vehicles without overloading your breaker box. Better still, the charger won’t stop working if your internet goes down or, god forbid, you don’t have Wi-Fi in your garage. You can use Bluetooth and an app on your phone or tablet to sign in and change settings or unlock the device if you need to.

The only thing to watch out for is the sticker shock: The Pulsar Plus costs a whopping $649. Relative to the price of your car and how much you'll probably use it, that seems par for the course, but it is pretty spendy. Chargepoint's EV charger is about $50 more, so this is just kind of the ballpark for EV chargers like this.

The Pulsar Plus also has a number of higher-level management features like remote unlocking and some pretty advanced statistics about how much power the charger is using, but these features are more geared toward power users or small businesses that need to manage a fleet of cars and chargers.

So is this EV charger for you? Well, is your EV sitting in your garage, uncharged and unloved? If you're in a hurry to change that and you don't moonlight as an electrician, Wallbox's chargers might be exactly what you need.