Waymo's autonomous minivans will help UPS deliver packages in Arizona

Machines now join humans in delivering packages across cities.


Delivery companies are working to double and perhaps even triple their ability to move parcels around different cities and states. In a similar bid to amplify its presence in Arizona, UPS has partnered with Waymo to ferry packages between the Phoenix area and Tempe.

Waymo's Chrysler Pacifica minivans will be self-driving autonomous vehicles with a Waymo worker on board to keep an eye on safety, according to a blog post from the company. UPS previously with another self-driving truck startup called TuSimple, Business Insider notes.

The idea is to expedite the process of parcel delivery without having to increase expenses. But some may have questions about how human workers will be affected by the company's race to out-deliver its rivals.

What about human employees? — UPS's collaboration with Waymo may sound like a major positive considering it will speed up parcel delivery and make it easier for drivers by introducing autonomous vans into the picture. But labor activists worry that this kind of partnership could arrive at the expense of human workers and stable employment.

In an attempt to soothe these anxieties, UPS' chief marketing officer Kevin Warren recently told Business Insider that the collaboration with autonomous vehicle startups is not to hurt human workers but to "augment our human capital." UPS's chief strategy and transformation officer, Scott Price, also told Business Insider that Waymo's collaboration with the company will not affect UPS's interest in hiring permanent and seasonal workers.