VR developer recreates Nancy Pelosi’s graffitied garage to counter conspiracies

It’s all about the angles.


As we earnestly threw 2020 into the flaming garbage heap it deserves, reigning House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s garage door was vandalized. Immediately distrustful, however, many in the public honed in on one strange detail: it appeared the vandals had the curious manners to tape off the brick around the garage because it was untouched by the black spray paint that attempted to signal anarchists or The Avengers. Kotaku now reports that an AR/VR developer decided to find out for themselves why the brick would be saved.

Fancy, rich people molding will get you every time — Twitter user @Carpe_DMT spent about six hours recreating Pelosi’s garage door in Adobe Medium to better understand why the graffiti didn’t impact the brick.

The somewhat delirious video assay of the garage shows how the thick, sloping molding around the garage door effectively shields the brick, and any excess would have more likely landed on the nearby bushes.

“The angles are wild, the wall goes down and in like it was designed to be an optical illusion for paranoid leftists,” Carpe_DMT told Kotaku. Combined with the difficulty of painting porous brick, the admittedly unscientific experiment strongly suggests that the door was indeed vandalized.

Good, clean vandalism — Further support for this theory comes from “digital community center for anarchist, anti-fascist, autonomous anti-capitalist and anti-colonial movements across so-called North America,” It’s Going Down. The Bay Area news aggregator posted an anonymous statement from “an autonomous multi-racial group of anarchists and radicals” who claimed responsibility for the crime while distancing themselves from liberals and the right.

They also showed support for similar vandalism that took place at the home of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell a day later. In both cases, graffiti on the homes expressed anger about the politicians’ inability to provide economic support to the public, but Pelosi received the added benefit of a severed pig head and a pool of red paint.

In light of this new, albeit unconfirmed information, VR reenactments could prove useful in investigations by journalists and police alike.