Uber suspended a London-based driver's account over coronavirus concerns

The ride-sharing company previously suspended driver and user accounts in Mexico City over coronavirus fears.

Barcroft Media/Barcroft Media/Getty Images

A woman who was diagnosed with the coronavirus in London took an Uber to the hospital, according to The Guardian, and now the ride-sharing company is isolating the driver behind the wheel just to be safe. Earlier this month Uber temporarily suspended more than 240 passengers' accounts — and those of two drivers — in Mexico City after concerns surfaced there about the spread of the coronavirus.

What happened to the Uber driver? — The Guardian reports that the Uber driver spent almost 15 minutes with the passenger but hasn't contracted the virus. Limited time can often mean limited exposure, and thus a reduced chance of falling ill. Rachel Thorn Heathcock, a Public Health England consultant, told the publication, "As the journey was less than 15 minutes the driver did not have close sustained contact with the individual and is not considered high risk."

Better safe than sorry — While Public Health England medical experts believe that the driver poses no immediate risk, Uber is still taking precautionary measures. A company representative told Mashable, "Out of an abundance of caution, we temporarily suspended the account of the driver who transported the individual to the hospital, and we remain in close contact with Public Health England."

Safety portal — Uber's public safety portal can be used to report any concerns from riders or passengers who think they may have come into contact with people affected by the coronavirus. It's urged health officials to use the same portal to report anything suspicious.