Tinder is getting a panic button and photo verification

The new features are designed to make the app safer.

Starting next week, Tinder users will be able to arm themselves with what is essentially a panic button built right into the app, allowing them to contact emergency services and share detailed location data in a pinch. The new tool stems from a partnership with safety company, Noonlight.

I hate that we need this — But unfortunately, we do. Women and queer folks, in particular, feel the weight of the risks that come with meeting someone they matched with online; it's already commonplace to share the details of your date with friends, just in case. The new Noonlight integration adds another level of safety, even if just for peace of mind.

Simplicity is key — With Noonlight, users can fill out a "Tinder Timeline" ahead of the date to make note of who they're meeting, plus where and when. Per the press release, "users will then have the ability to trigger a response within Noonlight's app to discreetly alert emergency services if they feel their safety may be at risk or are in need of assistance." That's good, because if there really is an emergency, you really don't need — or may not be able — to be fumbling around with your phone.

Noonlight says it works with certified dispatchers who will first reach out to that user if the alarm has been triggered, and contact emergency responders if necessary.

Keep 'em coming — The new feature is coming to Tinder U.S. on January 28 alongside several other safety tools, including Selfie Verification. As the name implies, this will allow users to verify their profile by snapping a selfie. Once verified, your profile will get a familiar blue-and-white checkmark so other users know you're legit.


Tinder is also introducing a harassment detection prompt and updating its own safety hub. While Tinder will be the first of the Match brands to get Noonlight's tool, others are expected to follow in the coming months. And, all of the U.S. brands will eventually get a new tool called Date Check-in, which will allow users to keep designated friends and family in the loop when they meet up with a match.

Props to Match for trying to make the dating experience a bit safer.