This 'social distancing hat' projects a six-foot circle around the wearer

It won't get you laid, but it'll help keep you alive so you can get laid later.

With COVID-19 social distancing guidelines expected to stay in effect for some time, everyone has to do their part to ensure they're staying a respectable — and potentially life-saving — six-feet away from other potentially virus-carrying humans in public. But how? It can be difficult to constantly monitor those around you, and those with under-developed spacial awareness may struggle to visualize six feet.

Fortunately, an engineer has created a totally normal, deeply stylish, easy solution you can build at home — a hat with an attached laser pointer that spins 360-degrees to create a six-foot, red circle around you.

We know what you're probably thinking: What a genius idea! Fortunately, the engineer, who goes by the name StupotMcDoodlepip on YouTube, has created a full video with step-by-step instructions in the description on how to make your own social distancing hat.

Pro, umm, pointers — There are some good notes included in his instructions, such as a recommendation that you use a "Class 1" laser as they're non-harmful to the eyesight of bystanders. He also includes some links to where you can buy the parts you'll need and his CAD designs for the parts you can 3D print.

It's kind of depressing that we've reached a point where we'll go to such lengths to avoid interaction with other humans, but it's in the interest of saving lives and ensuring we can all go outside again one day. Maybe not today, probably not tomorrow, heck, probably not this month... unless your governor is an idiot.

Back it up, Florida man (or woman) — Speaking of which, this hat might come in particularly handy if you happen to live in Florida right now. You're gonna need all the help you can get.