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This Smeg immersion blender will up your kitchen game, and it’s $50 off right now

If you don't already have this must-have kitchen gadget, you're adulting all wrong.

Lineup of Smeg immersion blenders

An immersion blender is the kind of small appliance that you’ve either never heard of or feels so specific that you talk yourself out of getting one. When these hand blenders come with that vintage Smeg style, however, your finger starts itching for that “add to cart” button.

Traditionally, the Smeg hand blender costs $130 and only $99 at Nordstrom Rack. That’s already a pretty good deal, but Nordstrom Rack went a step further recently, cutting the price down to $80. With a price like that, you’re probably already picturing yourself making Food Network-worthy soups and sauces.

What is an immersion blender? — For the uninitiated, the immersion blender is an amazing little tool that can handle the work of a regular blender and a hand mixer. Ice and frozen fruits are easily blended up for smoothies, milkshakes, and any summery cocktails you can dream up. Whipped cream and fluffy eggs are just moments away. You can even get your MasterChef dreams started with smooth sauces and decadent purees.

Why a Smeg blender? — Other blenders and a twice-as-expensive Smeg set often come with different attachments like whisks, potato mashers, and blending cups, but the main draw of these machines is a faster cleanup time than the bulky alternatives. With multiple settings, including a turbo button, the Smeg immersion blender doesn’t really need a slate of accessories. The standard, stainless steel blade attachment can mash and whip just fine without cluttering up your junk drawer, and the curved hood prevents the blades from scuffing your cookware.

Let’s be real: the Smeg aesthetic cannot be denied. Its line of household appliances satisfies our modern penchant for nostalgia while its color palettes and form factors make them contemporary statement pieces. Make no mistake — you’re paying for design. There are more affordable blenders out there, but only KitchenAid manages to come anywhere close in the looks department.

Smeg covers its bases with versions in common kitchen accent colors like cream, black, and red, but this blender also comes in a dreamy, pastel blue. The glossy blenders also include an ergonomic, anti-slip grip that doesn’t wrap around, keeping the front design seamless. Who doesn’t love a camera-ready kitchen appliance?