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This Dyson vacuum is a game changer, and you can get it for nearly 50% off right now

The V7 Animal is so cordial and delightfully underpriced, it’s almost rude not to add some magic to your chores today.

Dyson V7 vacuum
Dyson/Best Buy

We’re at a point in vacuum technology and design where we know that buying anything other than a Dyson is settling. With generally higher price points keeping these innovative machines in the realm of luxury, finding a sale can be a huge rush. Dyson’s V7 Animal Cord-Free Stick Vacuum is sleek, can tackle pet hair tumbleweeds, compact, and for today, only $250 at Best Buy compared to the usual $400.

The magic of Dyson — The first time I ever used a Dyson vacuum, it was very difficult to not feel like a Disney princess. The machine my mother had replaced was a top-tier Bissell, and I’ll admit to being skeptical of Dyson’s price tag. Seconds into turning it on, woodland creatures imbued with magic must have taken over because it was far too light, powerful, and effortless to maneuver to be a simple vacuum. Rugs lost years off their looks, the air was noticeably fresher, and I immediately grieved my bank account’s inevitable purchase of a similarly expensive tool.

The V7 Animal Cord-Free Stick Vacuum is one of Dyson’s older stick vacuum models, so it’s generally more attainable than its siblings at around $400. You mainly miss out on suction power and battery life compared to the rest of the line, but it’s more than capable. Its small footprint may not appeal to all, but are you really vacuuming for more than 30 minutes at a time? Don't lie to yourself now.

The six-pound vacuum is easy enough to raise to any cobwebs forming in the corners of your ceiling while also clearing debris off carpets and hard surfaces alike. It also transforms into a handheld vacuum, so there’s nowhere pet dander can escape its mini cyclones of suction. In any of these transformations, the lack of a cord provides a wide berth of movement since you’re not tethered to an outlet.

There are also no bags to buy, change, or get discontinued, and the cylinder respectfully ejects its mountain of dirt without getting all over you — or the floor you just cleaned. The machine is so cordial and delightfully underpriced, it’s almost rude not to add some magic to your chores today.

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