This app will soon let people draw, mint, and auction NFTs instantly

SketchAR is rolling out new features to allow artists to mint and auction their own NFTs within minutes.

These days, NFTs are pretty much only good for two, somewhat contradictory things: scamming the pants off of people, and providing a semi-reliable source of fair compensation to artists (oh, and sometimes stiffing Nazis, but we digress). We’ve seen a lot of bandwagon jumpers in recent months, but the latest developer to incorporate NFT-mania appears to be doing so in a refreshingly honest, truly helpful way.

Earlier this week, the augmented reality drawing app, SketchAR, announced that users will soon be able to upload, mint, and auction off their creations as NFTs via an in-app marketplace. It’s not the first app to let you mint NFTs — S!ng is another which launched in March — but this is the first we’ve seen where you can actually do the content creating bit in-app, too.

Removing barriers — “For over four years now, SketchAR has been helping people to start their creative journey and providing effective ways to develop their artistic skills,” the app developers wrote in a blog post on Tuesday. “The only missing detail on this road of growing an artist was the option for artwork showcase and monetization in the global digital space.”

In a rare show of industry honesty, SketchAR openly admits the NFT hype is a lot right now, and will most likely subside sooner than later. That said, the company believes that NFTs are “here to stay” in some capacity. “Our future is digital, whether we like it to [sic] or not,” and with that in mind, SketchAR wants to provide as many economic venues for artists as possible. Hey, we’ll take that over that NFT house deed bullshit.

SketchAR curated NFTs only (for now) — Currently, SketchAR is only offering NFT minting via a couple of exclusive means, although the company promises that will change in the coming months. As it stands, every artist selected as the app’s “Creator of the Week” will have their latest work auto-converted and posted onto the OpenSea marketplace as an NFT. SketchAR’s team can also handpick work shown in their activity feeds for NFT conversions.

By Q3 of this year, though, the app promises to roll out an “NFT self-service” that will “enable any artist to tokenize their art on-demand with its automatic listing on specialized marketplaces.”

SketchAR’s in-app marketplace is also going live by the end of 2021 to provide an even more direct way for artists to sell their creations. All told, it certainly sounds like SketchAR is gearing up to be a go-to for digital art creation and marketing far beyond the NFT hype inflation’s likely ebb.