Tinfoil hat brigade

This 'anti-5G' jewelry is impressively... er, radioactive

Please don't wear any of these. We're begging you.

As far as conspiracy theories go, claims that 5G causes health issues grow tired more quickly than most. But alas, the conspiracies continue to circulate and so too do devices that supposedly “protect” against 5G.

This time around it isn’t just that the anti-5G device doesn’t work — it can actually harm the person using it far more than 5G ever could. Multiple bracelets and necklaces ostensibly shielding the user from 5G are actually emitting radiation, according to the Dutch Authority for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection (abbreviated ANVS, in the original language).

The actual levels of radiation in these wearables is quite low, the ANVS says, at least in testing the group carried out in conjunction with the Netherlands’ National Institute for Public Health and the Environment. Even at low levels, though, radiation isn’t exactly something you want to be wearing around your neck for long periods of time.

We would’ve just expected these necklaces to do nothing at all. In a way, it’s impressive they do something… even if that something is actually worse for your health than not wearing it at all.

Please just get rid of it — The ANVS is aware of ten products that contain radioactive materials. These include:

  • Energy Armor sleep mask
  • Energy Armor black and white necklace
  • Energy Armor black super bracelet
  • Magnetix Fit & Slim silicone bracelet XL
  • Magnetix Magnetic necklace with negative ions of skinfriendly silicons
  • Magnetix Smiley Kids bracelet with negative ions
  • Magnetix Sport boost bracelet with negative ions
  • Quantum Pendant
  • Basic Nero bracelet

The ANVS has already told these brands that it’s unequivocally illegal to keep selling these products, seeing as they are literally radioactive. Those who have already purchased one of these products — or any another marketed as having “negative ion” effects — should first and foremost stop wearing it. The ANVS recommends storing it in a safe place until it can be disposed of or returned.

The madness continues — There are plenty of reasons to worry about your health in 2021. A little something known as COVID-19 is killing people left and right, just as an example. One thing you certainly don’t need to worry about is 5G waves exposing your body to illness. The World Health Organization and plenty of other experts have ruled definitively that 5G is not harmful to humans.

And yet the conspiracy continues to spread nonetheless. Easy access to the internet and social media networks hasn’t helped; products pretending to be “anti-5G” abound. There’s a whole market for this stuff now. Even explicit bans on 5G conspiracies haven’t proven entirely successful.

If there’s anything at all to be concerned about with 5G, it’s that the technology isn’t actually as speedy as cell phone companies claim it is.