CES 2021

These headphones are courting vloggers, but ASMRtists could change that

The creators know not what they have done.

A woman wearing Finalace headphones

Sabinetek continues to go after digital content creators, from vloggers to podcasters, with its new Finalace headphones. Premiering at CES with a Kickstarter to launch later this month, Finalace is a Bluetooth headphone set with microphones in each ear and a central microphone worn around the neck.

The 360-degree audio it achieves is meant to create an immersive experience for creatives and remote professionals alike. While it absolutely has a wide range of use cases, there’s one purpose, in particular, it’s perfect for — ASMR.

What is going on here? — Sabinetek has already made a name for itself in the affordable, wireless audio business with two successful crowdfunding ventures. Its high-quality microphones automatically use AI transcription and can create subtitle files through the corresponding app, and the Finalace is no exception. These features are especially helpful for meeting notes, podcast/journalism fieldwork, Zoom classes, and YouTubers concerned with accessibility.

With a penchant for innovating on form factors for items like lavalier mics and audio interfaces, Sabinetek looks this time to workout headphones for inspiration. Finalace's main mic sits at the end of a U-shaped collar that tethers cords leading up to each earbud.


The earbuds themselves have their own mics, allowing any recording to make the listener feel like they’re in the room, too. This dynamic audio experience particularly lends itself to live music recordings and ASMR.

An affordable binaural option — Rivaled only by VR creators, ASMRtists have a deep interest in creating believable, directional soundscapes. Though Finalace clocks in higher than the popular Blue Yeti microphone at $199, it’s easily cheaper than setting up two mics or getting even the most affordable 3Dio binaural mic — which you would still need headphones for if you wanted to monitor the recording live.

Though these are far from the first headphones that capture audio from the earbuds, nor the cheapest, they don’t require the user to be tethered to anything and offer a third, central mic. Finalace headphones could also be used like a traditional microphone, rigged off-camera, to create a more intimate, “personal attention” (re: heavy in “eye” contact) video. Any ASMRtists looking for an upgrade, especially if they're more comfortable with run-of-the-mill, miked headphones, Finalace is sliding in at the right price point with contemporary bonus features.