The Polaroid Go is a tiny instant camera you can slip in a pocket

Polaroid is here to snatch back the instant film crown from Fujifilm's Instax.

Polaroid’s latest instant film camera is so small it might just take up less room in your bag than your smartphone. At just 4.1 inches long and 3.3 inches wide, the Polaroid Go is officially the smallest analog instant camera on the market. That’s right, Instax — Polaroid is coming back for its instant-film crown.


Much like last year’s Polaroid Now, the new camera is not meant to be smart or even high-tech. All the bells and whistles of modern point-and-shoots and smartphone cameras have been left behind in favor of portability and ease of use.

More than anything else, the Polaroid Go harkens back to the company’s roots as masters of capturing the most ephemeral of moments. Just throw your tiny film camera (and some film) in your pocket and get going.

Not a pro camera by any means — Polaroid’s tiny new camera is, as you might expect, a very uncomplicated piece of hardware. It does not connect to Wi-Fi or store your photos in any digital manner. If you’re searching for a portable high-end camera, you’re much better off just grabbing a new smartphone, at this point.

The Polaroid Now vs. the Polaroid Go. Cute!Polaroid

The Go sports a 100mm lens, similar to that of the Polaroid Now, which affords the camera standard-quality instant photos without the bulk of a traditional instant camera. There’s a selfie mirror on the front as well as a self-timer, for when you travel alone and really need to capture yourself in the moment.

Overall, the camera is definitely aimed at the on-the-go creative crowd. It includes a double-exposure feature for composing particularly unusual shots, for example. The Go’s battery lasts a ludicrously long time, too — Polaroid says you can make it through 15 packs of film before recharging the 750mAh battery via USB.

Instax needs to watch out — Polaroid has made something of a minor comeback in recent years — today’s company is a far cry from the one that declared bankruptcy in 2008. In the intervening years, though, Fujifilm’s Instax brand really took over as the dominant instant camera brand. Instax’s ultra-portable Mini cameras, in particular, have almost entirely revitalized interest in instant film.

But Polaroid really was the original pioneer in instant film cameras. It’s unfortunate that the company’s early-aughts downfall came just before Instagram and Tumblr and Urban Outfitters made instant film cool again. It’s exciting to watch Polaroid attempting to make a comeback and take back its long-held crown.

The Polaroid Go is available for pre-order now at $119, which includes two packs of film. It’ll ship beginning on April 27.

Also works as a tiny hat.Polaroid