The new Chrome and Chrome OS releases are delayed indefinitely

Chrome 81 was meant to roll out on Tuesday.

Bloomberg/Bloomberg/Getty Images

In a statement on Wednesday, Google announced it's hitting pause on its upcoming Chrome and Chrome OS releases. Chrome 81 was expected to start arriving on desktops and Android devices on Tuesday, with the latest version of Chrome OS due out next week, according to 9to5Google. Chrome 80 will still receive security patches across platforms with a reduced focus on user-facing updates.

The company says the Chrome delays are "due to adjusted work schedules at this time," those adjustments coming due to the coronavirus, of course, which has seen tech companies, automakers and other businesses reeling as cities across the U.S. go on lockdown to try to limit its spread.

Two Googlers have it — At least two members of Google's global workforce have confirmed cases of the coronavirus. On Monday, Google announced the bulk of its employees would be transitioning to remote work, and though updates to some of its products might be impacted, all of its products will remain functional.

Aside from keeping its teams safe, Google is also having to contend with malicious apps hoping to capitalize on coronavirus-related worries, and its gearing up to handle unprecedented demand for some of its services as people spend more time telecommuting and looking to distract themselves online.