Come one, come all

The Lovense Remote app gives everyone the gift of orgies

For you and up to 99 other friends, lovers, or consenting strangers.

We’re now at the point of quarantine where celebrities are moaning on Clubhouse, so it makes sense that we should just go all-in on group sex. The pandemic has allowed many to get creative with their sex lives by exploring the world of app-connected and controlled sex toys (often called "teledildonics"). But sextech company Lovense knows that for some people out there, one other person simply isn’t enough. On Thursday, it officially launched the Group Control feature which allows up to 100 people to participate in virtual orgies using the company's connected sex toys.

The future is digital sex parties — Whether orgies were already your bag or you’re at peak lockdown horniness, the Lovense Remote app really wants to help. You absolutely do not have to have a 100-person orgy, but props to the company for believing in us. It could become an interesting way for people to venture into threesomes and quads with plenty of room for power users to get wild. The decadence of sex parties is an unsung casualty of social distancing, but this feature could breathe new life into the scene. Regardless of body count, users can be in up to 50 Groups on the app.

“While many people are locked in their homes, limited in human contact, and experiencing loneliness or boredom, I am confident, that the Group Control feature comes at the perfect time and will please a lot of people," Lovense CEO Dan Liu said in a statement.

Group Control beta screenshot.Lovense

The feature requires participants to own a Lovense sex toy and have it registered in the app. Everyone has the ability to take control of someone else’s device (with their consent) and they can be synced to simulate sexual acts. Vibration power and frequency can be adjusted in real-time, or users can download patterns created by others. The chat itself also features a push to talk feature and supports any sexy images you want to send.

You can team up with your typical group sex crowd or surf Lovense’s forum for like-minded souls... or bring true chaos to your Tinder profile. If you prefer to keep your sexy time to yourself, the company has also released what is essentially the Windows Media Player visualizer for regular or VR porn and connected sex toys earlier this year. The future is coming, and it’s honestly so polite of it to make sure we are too.