The eVscope2 is a plug-and-play telescope for iPhone and Android

A telescope can be had for cheaper than this, but the eVscope2 makes it easy for even novices to study the universe.

Unistellar has unveiled a new telescope that connects to an iPhone or Android smartphone.

A company called Unistellar has unveiled a new telescope that connects directly to a smartphone and makes it easy for anyone to explore the universe. The eVscope2, successor to the original, has an improved eyepiece from Nikon and smart technology that allows the scope to develop more details even on extremely dim objects in light-polluted areas, like cities.

Simplicity — What’s particularly notable about the eVscope2 is its ease of use. At $4,199 this thing isn’t cheap, but you’re getting a system that’s incredibly straightforward. The eVscope2 is controlled with an app on a smartphone or tablet, where users select an object they’d like to look at, and the telescope automatically aims at and tracks the objects. No need learn how to set up the telescope or process the data yourself, as the eVscope2 does all the work.

Best for most — What’s better is that, even though it does have an eyepiece, you can connect the eVscope2 up as many as ten devices at once and view live images from anywhere. The eyepiece is frankly a little redundant, but that’s okay.

The eVscope2 features a 450mm focal length and a 4.5-inch mirror diameter, the latter of which could be larger and produce clearer images. But again, not everyone has the skills or patience to acquire all the proper gear of an astronomer and learn how to use it. There will always be people who prefer DSLR cameras, but that’s not what most people use, most of the time. The best telescope is the one you will use the most. With the eVscope2, anyone can explore from their backyards (even in light-polluted areas) without experience. If it gets people more interested in science, that seems like a win.