Tesla will get full self-driving 'sneak preview' and Stardew Valley in holiday update

More video games are headed to the dashboard display.

The Washington Post/The Washington Post/Getty Images

More in-dash games are headed to Tesla vehicles, according to Elon Musk. Musk tweeted this week that the "Tesla holiday software update has FSD [full-self driving] sneak preview, Stardew Valley, Lost Backgammon, and a few other things." As usual, he didn't elaborate any further.

It's a pretty pricey update; according to CNET, it will come for $7,000. The CEO previously hinted at an upcoming FSD preview during the Q3 quarterly earnings meeting in 2019. “While it’s going to be tight,” Musk said at the time, the company has been working toward an “early access release of a feature-complete Full Self-Driving feature this year,” albeit limited.

As for Stardew Valley — For now, you’ll have to wait to see the update (including harvesting crops). When asked when exactly over the holiday season this change will take place, Musk responded, “Needs a few more days of validation, then early access, then wide release.” Sit tight.