Finally, video evidence of a Tesla crashing in ‘Full Self-Driving’ mode

The car seems to navigate directly into a small barricade on its own accord. Luckily, no one was injured and damage was minimal.

Evidence that Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Beta is bad and that no one should be using it continues to mount. Despite that evidence, “should” is still the operative word here — plenty of people (and at least one non-consenting dog) are out there right now testing an autonomous piloting program that does not work as advertised while Elon Musk makes claims (or lies) about the software’s efficacy. Though we’ve never actually had definitive proof that FSD Beta has been directly responsible for an accident, that may have finally changed.

A new FSD Beta testing video uploaded to YouTube by AI Addict shows what appears to be a Tesla colliding with a bike lane barrier post. Thankfully no one was injured and the car only suffered minor cosmetic damage, but actual visual evidence that a Tesla can, in fact, get itself into accidents is certainly not a great look for the EV company as it desperately attempts to convince consumers and federal regulators that FSD is on its way to being the best in the industry. Check out the video below — the fender bender begins around the 3:25 minute mark:

Much more serious issues involving FSD — As we mentioned, this instance is minor in comparison to some of the other issues already documented involving Tesla’s FSD Beta. Last month, a driver was charged with manslaughter after his Tesla ran a red light while in Autopilot, killing a fellow motorist. It remains to be seen whether or not FSD mode was directly responsible for the death, but regardless, it’s still a bad look no matter the outcome, and underscores how questionable the idea of allowing FSD Beta on public roads really is.