Super73's new lightweight ZX electric bike is one of its most affordable yet

Deliveries begin in mid-July.

Super73 has introduced the Super73-ZX, it's latest lightweight electric bike.

Super73, a popular maker of lightweight electric bikes, has announced the Super73-ZX, a successor to the Super73-Z1. The e-bike is available now at a price of $1,995, with shipments set to begin in “mid-July.”

The new Super73-ZX is a bit of a return to roots for the e-bike company, which has recently deviated from the urban-friendly design of its earlier bikes to make beefier models that can take on any terrain.


Street warrior — Unlike the dirt-loving R-series that began shipping earlier this month, the Super73-ZX doesn’t have full suspension, and its battery is a bit smaller at 615 watts versus 960. Understandably, Super73 describes the new bike as ideal for weekday commutes to “urban adventures.” Its tire tread is biased toward street use.

But the R-series starts at $1,000 more. If you’re headed back to the office and want to spend more time breathing in fresh air during your commute, the ZX could be worth looking at. The Super73-ZI was a bit cheaper than the ZX at $1,395, but that one features a smaller battery and consequently a lower range of 20 miles on a charge (and no swappable battery).


The Super73-ZX uses a lighter aluminum frame than the Super73-Z1, according to the company, which allows for top speeds of 28mph and an improved range of 25-50 miles depending on various factors, such as whether you have the bike in pedal-assist mode (where you’re pedaling to create some of the forward motion) or not. Unlike the Super73-Z1, the new bike has a removable battery so you charge it up at home or at work.


The e-boom continues — Electric bikes (and bikes in general) saw a major spike in sales during the pandemic and manufacturers have struggled to meet demand as consumers wary of public transit have sought new ways to get around. A lack of congestion on streets from cars has also made it safer to ride a bike. Electric bikes add an electric motor to a bike, giving riders an assist and allowing them to travel farther with greater confidence... or before they reach exhaustion.

Many cities around the world have moved during the past year to make on-street dining a permanent thing, and that has meant more restricted streets where cars struggle, but bikes can cruise with ease. At the same time, some cities have worked to improve biking infrastructure, and it’s a trend we hope will continue long after the pandemic. Bike-friendly cities are more people-friendly cities... and often less polluted ones.

If you’re interested in buying the Super73-ZX, it’s available for order on