StickerDoodle is a fun way to make stickers for iMessage or Slack

Makes stickers out of anything in your camera roll, or draw one from scratch.

StickerDoodle is an app for iOS that makes it easy to create custom stickers to send to friends.

A new app has launched today for iPhone and iPad that lets you easily create your own stickers to send over iMessage, Slack, or Discord. The app supports making stickers by hand drawing them or cropping photos from your camera roll.

The app, called StickerDoodle, is free and super intuitive to use. When you first open it you’ll be guided through a brief tutorial, but you don’t even really need to use that. Simply press the “+” button in the top right corner of StickerDoodle and you’ll be prompted to create a sticker by drawing one, or by using a photo.

Stick with me, kid — When you choose to create a sticker from a photo, you’ll be shown a screen where you can draw an outline around the exact portion of the image that you’d like to sticker-ize. You can zoom in on any section of the photo to make sure you’re getting an outline of just what you want; a small magnifying glass in the left corner zooms in even further to guide you as your draw the outline. You can alternatively just turn a whole photo into a sticker, if you’d like.

I admittedly could have tried to outline more precisely for the sake of this demo. Input

Once you’ve created your sticker, all you have to do to use it is choose the “StickerDoodle” from the app draw in iMessage and you’ll be able to send your sticker to a friend. Friends can save your stickers or you can AirDrop them.

Creating a sticker for Slack is a bit more complicated, but essentially StickerDoodle will create a sticker correctly sized for the workplace chat app, and then you need to upload it as a custom emoji, after which you can wreak chaos in your office.


Express yourself — Chad Etzel, creator of StickerDoodle, is an independent developer who previously worked stints at Apple and Twitter before that. He says he created the app as a fun way to create stickers that’s quick and easy. You’re not creating works of art, but rather you create a doodle and get it out there. Though it does have some advanced features like Apple Pencil support, and you can tweak existing stickers if you’d like to improve on them.

Stickers are much more of an expressive way to communicate with friends and family. Maybe you want to draw a heart and send it to a loved one when you’re thinking about them, for instance. A sticker of your child making a face can be sweet. Custom stickers can also be funny — in testing StickerDoodle, a picture of myself wearing a pink cowboy hat was turned into a sticker that is a fun stand-in for the default cowboy hat emoji. The possibilities are kind of endless.

StickerDoodle is free in the App Store, but you can only create five stickers unless you pay an in-app, once-off fee of $1.99. Family Sharing is supported, so families only need to pay once in order to unlock unlimited sticker creation for all.