Spotify at long last lets you add more than 10,000 tracks to your library

Users have been requesting this for years.

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Spotify will now allow users to save an unlimited number of tracks to their personal libraries, as one community user revealed today. Up until this point, users have been held to a strict allowance of just 10,000 items in their library. Then you’d get an “epic collection, friend!” notification and wouldn’t be able to save any more tracks or albums until you get some cleaning done.

According to Spotify’s announcement post, this has been one of the most-requested features on the app since its launch — over 12,500 votes have been cast asking for it on Spotify’s Community Ideas Exchange forum at the time of writing.

Spotify has completely radicalized the way we listen to music; since its launch in 2008, the service has garnered a massive 286 million users, giving it a coveted spot as one of the world’s most-used applications. That progress has only continued as of late, despite — or perhaps partly because of — the ongoing quarantine.

Not across the board — The switch to infinite library capabilities doesn’t change limits imposed on other areas of Spotify. Users can still only download 10,000 songs across five devices on one Premium account, and playlists can still only have up to 10,000 songs, too. So, it’s an unlimited plan with some caveats.

Spotify is listening — This isn’t the most groundbreaking update in the world. Only really avid music collectors would have been able to hit that 10,000-track limit. But it does show Spotify’s commitment to its users. Though one does wonder what took so long.

At its fast-growing rate, Spotify could easily afford to just sit back and bask in its success. Instead the company continues to keep one ear to the ground, ready to roll out feature updates ranging from group listening sessions to a full-fledged app for kids. It’s that commitment to constantly improving its platform that’s kept Spotify around this long — and it all but guarantees the company will continue to do well in the future.

Well, that and its aggressive push into the podcasting space that's seen it acquire companies like Gimlet Media and Anchor. Last week the company also announced it has signed one of the world's most popular podcasts, The Joe Rogan Experience, to an exclusive distribution deal that will kick in next year. Now, how about the option to move playlists or turn off auto-arrange by most recently played on mobile devices, please?