Sondors is releasing a line of electric mopeds at an unbeatable price

The MadMods will start at just $1,499 and include a large battery that should provide impressive range.

Sondor's new MadMods electric moped.

Electric bike manufacturer Sondors is dropping a line of electric mopeds next year known as the MadMods. The mopeds feature full-suspension frames with dual front and rear shocks and, thanks to the large 48 V / 21Ah battery, have an estimated range of 40-60 miles depending on how much you pedal.

There is a thumb throttle so you don't always have to pedal, but doing so — at least sometimes — will boost the total range, and give you a little bit of exercise. The e-moped's top speed is 28 mph, though that may be electronically limited in some states to comply with local laws.

Old-school cool — In terms of design, the MadMods look like a 1980s moped equipped with bicycle pedals and all — something you don't see as often on newer mopeds (despite the term "moped" including an abbreviation of "pedal" in it, some contemporary ones do away with pedals entirely). The MadMods have a motorcycle-style seat and large front headlight to round out the aesthetic, all while being eco-friendly and quiet.

The new release comes shortly after Sondors debuted its Elite series of mid-drive bikes including the Rockstar. That's a real trail-riding adventure bike, though, whereas the MadMods are intended for cruising around town.

750-watt motor — The MadMods are somewhat similar to the Super73 unveiled earlier this year, though at $1,499 this offering from Sondors is nearly half the price. That price is especially impressive considering that non-electric all-suspension bikes can easily hit the $1,500 mark. Sondors says the MadMods have a 750-watt motor, which should be more than enough power — though, of course, the Super73's 1200-watt motor will mean its way faster off the line.

As the name itself suggests, there are supposed to be customization options available for the MadMods, such as varying handlebar styles to choose from. The MadsMods Cafe model includes a windshield, front fender, and rear seatback, too.


Sondors went with unconventional 24-inch tires for the MadMods range instead of a more standard size, though those tires are relatively easy to find nowadays, to replacements shouldn't be a problem, and more importantly, the company says the 24-inchers should give it a slightly smoother feel on the road.

Sondors hasn't shown off anything more than computer renderings of the MadMods yet, but considering its track record as a well-established e-bike maker at this point, we've no reason to believe the good-looking two-wheelers won't arrive next year as promised. If you're keen on getting one, there's a $299 deposit required to hold your place in line for the March 2021 release.