Sondors has delayed its $5K Metacycle to end of 2021

The electric bike has been much-anticipated for its sleek design and aggressive price point.

Sondors has delayed delivery of its Metacycle electric motorcycle.

Sondors is delaying the Metacycle, its electric motorcycle that stands to be one of the most affordable zero-emissions options coming to market. The California-based maker of electric bikes had estimated shipments would start in the third quarter of 2021, but that deadline is fast approaching and Sondors now says shipments won’t begin until the final months of the year.

Electrek earlier reported on the delays, sharing an email received by a pre-order customer.

Good value — The Metacycle is special not just because it’s affordable — other electric motorcycles can easily run in the tens of thousands — but the product itself is attractive and offers a lot in the way of value. The motorcycle features a sleek, fully-custom aluminum body fit with a unique center cavity, where riders will be able to store accessories like extra batteries or storage containers. Top speeds are 80 mph with a maximum range of 80 miles, making it perfectly suited for commuting around town (but maybe not so great on highways). The 4,000Wh battery is removable, so it can be charged inside when street parking isn’t available.

Unlike slower electric bicycles, the Metacycle is a tried-and-true motorcycle, meaning you’ll need the relevant license to ride it on streets.

Pandemic woes — Sondors is a popular maker of electric bicycles and has been in the game for years, so there’s little doubt the company will be able to reach production. Vaporware company, this is not. Across industries, the entire global supply chain has suffered from shortages due to pandemic-related issues, like pent-up demand following temporary factory closures. Everything from computer chipsets to the syrups used at Starbucks are hard to find, causing frustration for just about everyone who is used to getting the things they want, and quickly. The world really operates on just-in-time manufacturing, so there were no extra supplies of goods before factories shuttered.

At least Sondors is only pushing its timeline back by several months, to its originally announced Q4 shipment date. The wait will certainly be worth it, if the Metacycle lives up to the hype. Electric motorcycles offer a lot of benefits over traditional bikes, like a smooth, silent ride without uncomfortable vibrations. As prices are driven down, we should expect more people will transition away from combustion engine bikes.