Shake the Magic GIF Ball and let randomly-generated memes be your guide

Is this cool? Signs say yes.

Everyone knows the classic Magic-8 Ball.

You ask yourself a question, say, Should I go to college? Shake the ball and the die inside etched with text returns the answer: No, you shouldn’t go to college. You live by the 8-Ball even though it’s totally random. Your parents think you’re a failure for the rest of your life, not least because you listened to a toy. Or something like that.

But as great as the 8-Ball is, what if it were modernized for the 21st century?


YouTuber DJ Harrigan wondered exactly that, and took up the challenge of designing a new, better 8-Ball. Instead of using a die covered with answers, he thought that life’s most important decisions could best be guided through animated GIFs. Thus, the Magic GIF Ball was born.

YouTube/element14 presents