Samsung's new lineup of fridges is wildly customizable

Mix and match these gorgeous colors to your heart's content.

It’s a rare day when we find ourselves geeking out over refrigerators. Usually when we do they’re shaped like Xboxes and sent to us by The Rock or, at the very least, they include fancy craft ice-makers. Then Samsung announced its new BESPOKE lineup and, just like that, we found ourselves excited for refrigerators again.

Samsung’s Bespoke fridges are all about style. Well, they’re also about keeping your food cold — but aesthetics are a priority here. These fridges are customizable to the extreme: You can choose the material, the color, and the finish of each of the refrigerator’s four panels, in mix-and-match style. With eight-panel options to choose from, there’s no doubt you’ll find something unique to add flair to your kitchen.

Oh, and some great news for the indecisive amongst us — each panel is swappable, so you can always change them later. And did we mention the entire system is modular?

Three models, eight colors — There are three types of refrigerators in the Bespoke lineup: the Flex Column, the Bottom Freezer, and the 4-Door Flex. They’re all top-of-the-line fridges, each with different body styles and internal functionalities. The system as a whole is designed to be modular, so you can add or subtract fridges and freezers as you see fit.

The Flex Column’s door is reversible, too.

The Flex Column is just that: a column. It’s 11.4 cubic feet of convertible space, which means you can use it as a fridge or a freezer. It’s super skinny — perfect for a tight apartment space. That model comes in Navy Glass, White Glass, and Grey Glass (matte). It starts at $1,299.

The Bottom Freezer model has, well, a bottom freezer.

Then there’s the Bottom Freezer model, which is a more traditional fridge/freezer combo, starting at $1,799. Samsung envisions this and the Flex Column as partners in crime. You can buy just one, but they’re really meant to be mixed and matched. Both are available in the same three colors. You could theoretically buy two Flex Columns and a Bottom Freezer and line them up next to each other.

Talk about a flex — The 4-Door Flex is really the standout product here and, as such, it’s the most customizable as well. As the name implies, it’s four separate units, each with a removable panel.

A flex in every sense of the word.

The 4-Door Flex is available in a ludicrous number of color combos. Here’s the full palette:

You can choose a different material and color for each panel, if you want, though some of the combinations would undoubtedly look a bit strange. The 4-Door Flex is available in full depth, with 29 cubic feet of storage, or as a counter-depth fridge with 22.8 cubic feet of storage.

The 4-Door Flex is pricier, with a starting price of $3,799. But it also creates “nugget-style Ice Bites that chill drinks faster,” so you get what you pay for.

Style and functionality — Samsung is serious about product design — we’ve seen this time and time again with its smartphones. It’s fridges are no different. The company has gone as far as to create a full Bespoke Design Studio to figure out which colors and materials you’d like for your new fridge.

And thus Samsung ushers in a new era of refrigerator aesthetics. It’s about time.