Samsung adds even more size options for its sleek 'Wall' TV

There are now 88-, 93-, 110-, and 150-inch versions.

Just in case that bezel-less QLED 8K TV from Samsung isn't for you, the company is also announcing new MicroLED models at CES 2020. Those of you who are fans of Samsung's gigantic "The Wall" TV, which is part of a sleek collection that also includes the minimalist Serif TV, will be happy to know that it now comes in four more sizes. In addition to the existing 75-, 146-, 219-, and 292-inch options, Samsung is introducing 88-, 93-, 110-, and 150-inch versions of its Wall TV.

When can I get one? — Unfortunately, Samsung didn't announcing any pricing or availability details for the new sizes of the Wall TV, but it's safe to say you should expect them to arrive later this year.

With the introduction of its Q950 8K TV, plus a refresh of the Wall TV, Samsung is continuing to expand its home entertainment offerings — it has something for everyone, whether you want a minimal, stylish or a massive TV with 4K or 8K. The only one I can't get into is that rotating vertical Sero TV, which is designed to watch Instagram or Snapchat videos, because that's simply too millennial even for me.