Samsung Health is finally getting a period tracker

Apple, Fitbit, and others have already had the feature for some time.

Menstrual cycle. Calendar for the month with marks and a mobile application on the smartphone screen...

In what amounts to a long-overdue update, Samsung is here with its very own period tracker. Samsung says its Health app will have a period tracker in the version. The update will appear in the women's health category and will let users track and understand their cycles better.

Finally — For a while now, people have been asking Samsung to update its app with a period tracker. Fitbit has done it, Apple has its own version, Garmin offers it, along with other third-party apps like Clue. So it's hard to see why the company took so long to join the rest of the crowd.

In previous public forums, Samsung users had urged the company to get on with developing its own period tracking app. "Fitbit has the ability to do this with their app," a user implored in 2019. "Samsung this is part of a women's life and health. So please add it to your health app and Active 2 watch. No excuses, no later, no it is coming later. Just do it. If you want to truly market to females than I advise you to do it."

The benefits of a tracker — Period tracking offers several advantages to the people who use it. For example, it's obvious that it lets you track your cycle length but it also helps you understand irregularities in your period and better grasp how ovulation works, among other things like hormonal changes and mood stability.

More than anything, a good period tracker helps you understand your overall health. Many people use these apps to discuss their general wellness with their healthcare providers. With this new update, Samsung has finally listened to its users. Better late than never.