Despite dunking on Apple, Samsung will box its new flagship with no accessories

The company has a history of cowardly deleting posts before following in Apple's footsteps.

Samsung Galaxy S20 marketing poster.

When Apple announced that the iPhone 12 would be its first new phone to be packaged without accessories, the company was pilloried by the masses over its claim that it was doing so in the interest of the environment. Samsung joined in on the teasing, but now the company has reportedly started deleting Facebook posts mocking Apple for its decision.

Leading indicator — The development aligns with reports that the next flagship Galaxy phone will similarly ship without chargers or earbuds in the box. It follows a trend of Samsung cowardly deleting posts shortly before following in Apple's footsteps. In the past, it did the same thing after it mocked Apple for removing the headphone jack from the iPhone 7, only for it to drop the port with its Galaxy Note 10. In this new instance, posts have thus far only been removed from Samsung pages in Brazil and Europe.

Still, that lends strong credence to the idea that the free accessories really will be no more with the introduction of the Galaxy S21 (or whatever it's ultimately called).

Dropping accessories — Critics lambasted Apple for painting the removal of accessories as an environmental issue. If it really cared about reducing waste it could transition the iPhone from its proprietary Lightning port to the universal USB-C standard, which would mean you wouldn't need to buy separate cables for your Apple devices.

Apple's claim about reducing waste doesn't really hold up when you consider how it refuses to transition iPhones to the USB-C standard.Future Publishing/Future/Getty Images

Others speculated the move was really just a way for Apple to save some money. Though in its defense, the company did lower the price of wired earbuds and chargers on its website by $10.

SMH — Either way, Samsung is really lame here if it does drop accessories from the box — especially since it always lets Apple take the heat and uses that as a marketing opportunity, only to follow shortly behind. Very cool of you, Samsung. You're soo sneaky.