Roland's new V-Drums kit is perfect for stay-at-home jamming

The electronic drums will save your sanity and your relationship with the neighbors.

Roland's new V-Drums create acoustic sounds in digital form.

Roland has released a new version of its V-Drums electronic drums, model TD-07KV, and it couldn't have come at a better time. Electronic drums use mesh pads on everything you need to hit from toms to cymbals, and the sound created in digital form sounds just like the real thing.

Of course, with the pandemic keeping people at home, the V-Drums are a great option to prevent your neighbors from killing you over your jam sessions. Or worse, the jam sessions of junior who's decided now's a good time to take up heavy metal drumming. They're not 100 percent quiet but Roland sells accessories that can dampen the noise even further.


High-tech — Electronic drums can direct the sound through headphones or speakers, and you can use a USB cable to record directly into music production software on a computer. Though, the recorded product is stereo, meaning you don't get separate recording channels for the drums and snare. With Bluetooth in the V-Drums, music can be fed wirelessly from a smartphone so you can drum along. Roland says the Melodics learning app — which also offers lessons for keys and finger drumming — is compatible with the V-Drums, so you can take step-by-step lessons and track your progress if you're a newbie, or find out where you need to improve if you already play.

At $999.99, the V-Drums aren't the cheapest quarantine distraction out there, but the pandemic doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon. And the new release also probably means that we'll see the previous version get a price drop on the resale market.