Report: Samsung will unveil a truly bezel-less TV at CES 2020

It’s aptly called the “Zero Bezel TV.”

Chris Farina/Corbis Historical/Getty Images

There’s a new report out today claiming that Samsung is about to unveil a TV at CES 2020 that features absolutely no borders around the screen. Not a thin border — no border whatsoever.

SamMobile, translating from a Korean news site, says Samsung achieved the feat by welding the TV’s display panel directly onto the body. The Zero Bezel TV, as it’s called, will apparently be available only in sizes 65-inches and higher. Manufacturing is supposed to begin in February 2020. I bet it will be expensive.

Samsung is a leader in display technology — Color me skeptical, but one developer who is reportedly close to the Zero Bezel TV’s production was quoted by SamMobile as saying, “Unlike other so-called ‘zero-bezel’ products that actually still had bezels, this product really doesn’t have a bezel. Samsung has become the first in the world to realize such an extreme design.”

Samsung is a major manufacturer of displays for TVs and smartphones, and its Galaxy line of Android phones have often been the first to introduce innovations like bezel-less and curved screens. The report also mentions that Samsung recently filed a trademark application in Europe for the “Zero Bezel” name.

CES would be a good place to introduce the product as thousands of journalists and technology professionals are expected to congregate in Las Vegas for the annual tech show.