Report: Future iPhones might drop the one remaining port in favor of wireless-everything


smart phone recharging battery

There’s a new report out by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo that predicts a dark future for the iPhone — one in which it loses its charging port in favor of a “completely wireless experience.”

The Lightning port on the iPhone has always been annoying because, of course, it’s only standard on Apple devices. USB-C, on the other hand, is a universal option that’s fast and works well with nearly everything. But what Kuo is saying in his note is that future iPhones will lose its ports altogether to charge exclusively through wireless pads.

How will this even work? — Part of me understands this as the logical conclusion to Apple’s dismissal of the headphone jack. The public still feels a bit angsty about that, particularly considering Apple used the move to push people into buying expensive AirPods.

At the same time, wireless charging is still quite slow despite existing for years. And it brings up logistical issues. How will you charge sitting on a bumpy train, or when you’re standing up? Wireless charging pads really only allow for lie-flat charging. Will people have to start carrying around bulky charging pads with them everywhere? Will a fast wireless charger be included in the box? Most importantly — how will I be able to sleep with my phone in bed if it has to charge on a pad?

I have to assume if Kuo’s prediction is true that Apple has some sort of slick AirPods-esque product coming to address the myriad of concerns. AirPower take-two?