MyPillow guy blows $1 million every month on his 'YouTube competitor'

Frank Speech is the premiere destination for all things Mike Lindell.

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Mike Lindell, CEO of MyPillow and alleged former lover of Jane Krakowski, has successfully launched a website. Frank Speech is a video-streaming platform that’s a precursor to the social network he promised last year — and now he’s now spending upwards of $1 million every single month to keep it up and running, apparently.

“I’ve spent millions and millions of dollars on Frank Speech,” Lindell told Insider. “Because I have my own servers, I have everything protected.”

Lindell says he also spent $5 million just for “protection” of the Frank Speech website and app. He’s hoping this steady flow of cash — all of it seemingly from his own pockets — will allow Frank Speech to be a real competitor for other video-streaming sites like YouTube.

If you’re confused by Frank Speech’s actual functions, you’re definitely not alone. When Lindell first announced his intention to create Frank about a year ago, he said nothing about it primarily being for video. Not that this site as it stands is really that, either.

Let’s take a look — The first thing you’ll notice upon loading Frank Speech is that it does, indeed, look very much like a homemade, self-hosted website. Soon after, you’ll notice a livestream entitled simply “Lindell TV,” which is apparently available to watch all day, every day. It includes such content as Lindell yelling about voting machines (his one true passion) with various politicians and pundits.

Frank Speech / screenshot by Input

The rest of the site is not much different. There are pre-recorded episodes and clips covering topics ranging from the COVID-19 vaccine’s supposed ineffectiveness to shocking gas prices. And, of course, there are numerous ads for MyPillow (including a 66 percent off coupon).

Frank Speech / screenshot by Input

More to come — Lindell says Frank Speech is only the beginning of his internet empire. Frank Social, the free speech social network Lindell has been working on for a year now, is set to launch “later this month.” No word on whether or not that launch will add to Lindell’s already exorbitant budget.

Frank Social’s long-anticipated launch may be hampered by the crowded alt-social network market it will be entering. Donald Trump’s Truth Social just launched last month; Parler is still very much up and running; and Gab Social has a vibrant user base, too.

As far as video goes, we already have Rumble, which hosts big names like Glenn Greenwald and Tulsi Gabbard. If Lindell wants Frank to succeed, he’s going to need to find an angle that’s not just “The Mike Lindell Show.” But he doesn’t really seem interested in doing much besides burning cash to advance his own ideas. Especially about those voting machines.

Frank Speech / screenshot by Input