Microsoft rolls out copy-paste and RCS via Your Phone app for Samsung’s latest

The cross-platform connector is making sharing media and files easier (for Windows and Samsung customers).

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The disjointed world of cross-platform sharing and RCS has a new layer of complexity. Making good on a month-old promise, Microsoft announced on Friday copy and paste as well as RCS is now available as part of the Your Phone app. The copy and paste update is in effect for the Samsung Galaxy S20 series, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, and PCs at least running the Windows 10 April 2018 update. The phone compatibility is only available in select markets, and for RCS, your carrier will need to support the standard.

Simple file sharing isn’t just for Apple users — Though this update is limited to very new Samsung phones, the jump in functionality is still impressive. Those with system and hardware requirements can easily copy and paste between their phone and computer. The RCS compatibility is slightly more restrictive, lacking Z Flip support and only working with Samsung Messages as the default messaging app.

This Samsung partnership feels exclusionary, but despite Google’s RCS rollout, Samsung Messages has remained outside of the loop. The arrival of these features offers an alternative to fairly functional Messages for Web for both Windows and Samsung users — the latter of which no longer has to switch over to Google Messages for RCS.

Microsoft isn’t done with mobile just yet — In addition to the upcoming launch of the dual-display Surface Duo, Microsoft is working behind the screens on creating a seamless network of devices. On Wednesday, Windows Central reported a major upgrade in April is expected to fix the buggy Your Phone calls on the Surface Pro X. Considering talk of moving the Duo’s launch to the summer, a bolstered Your Phone could get Microsft back into the mobile conversation.

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