Extensive Galaxy leak shows off Samsung's new favorite colors


The rumored date of Samsung's next Unpacked event.

Details for Samsung’s entire next-gen Galaxy lineup just leaked before the company even had the chance to announce their existence. Evan Blass, a prominent figure in the tech-leaker community, tweeted a series of GIFs revealing each individual device.

Blass’ leak has the size and proportions of a full, official Samsung event — just, you know, without the South Korean company’s actual presence. The leak includes two new Galaxy watches, a set of Galaxy Buds, a new Galaxy FE phone, and two new Galaxy foldables: the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Galaxy Z Flip 3.

This isn’t the first Blass has shown off of the next Galaxy line. Just a few weeks ago he tweeted the first-known images of both the Z Fold 3 and the Z Flip 3. This time around he has much more detail, thanks to the inclusion of a 360-degree view of each device. If Blass is right — and he often is — Samsung’s 2021 Galaxy lineup will continue playing with color while not changing much about form.

All about the creases — Samsung’s phone lineup continues to focus on foldables, with both the Galaxy Z Fold and the Galaxy Z Flip receiving new editions this year.

Blass tweeted the Z Fold 3 in white, green, and black. The phone’s design looks to be very similar to the Fold 2, albeit with a slightly different camera design — three lenses and flash stacked atop each other for a more svelte look.

The Z Flip 3 hardware is also very similar to the first Z Flip, and Blass says it’ll be available in gold, purple, black, and green. As with the Fold 3, we have a new camera array here, with both lenses and the flash stacked in a vertical row rather than side-by-side. Also notable: Samsung’s skipping the Galaxy Z Flip 2 and going straight to the Z Flip 3.

Last — and probably least — is a new FE (Fan Edition) version of the Samsung Galaxy S21. Like last year’s Galaxy S20 FE, its design borrows a lot of inspiration from the flagship S21. Blass says it’ll be available in white, gray, purple, and black. Like the S20 FE, it’ll most likely be a slightly watered-down version of Samsung’s flagship.

And Buds and Watches — Blass has also blessed us with images of new Samsung watches. We’d expect them to run the new Wear operating system being designed in conjunction with Google.

He hasn’t provided any names to match up with the watches. As The Verge points out, the one with a rotating bezel (above) looks a lot like the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic that’s been rumored for some time. Blass showed off this watch in white, black, and grey.

The second watch is a little sleeker, without the rotating bezel seen in the Watch 4 Classic. This one comes in a whole bunch of colors: peach, white, green, grey, and black. It looks a lot like the Galaxy Watch Active 4 leaked by GizNext a few weeks ago.

Blass ends his leak thread with a look at what appears to be the Galaxy Buds 2. They do not look like beans, which could either be a good thing or a bad thing depending upon your general feelings about beans. Blass shows off grey, purple, and white models here, though the outside of the Buds 2 case is white for all of them, with an interior colored to match the earbuds themselves.

Blass claims Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event will take place on August 11, so we won’t have to wait all that long to find out whether or not his GIFs will become reality. Hopefully, at that point, Samsung tells us what makes these phones stand out from their predecessors — because from these early images they look very, very similar, and the foldables in particular are bound to be ludicrously expensive.