Logitech's ludicrous response to a warranty request

“Kindly click at least 100 times.”

Logitech warranty service


Either Logitech’s warranty service is absurd or we’re being pranked. Today, tech journalist Ryan Whitwam tweeted the company’s response to his warranty request, and it’s... well, take a look.

Wait... what? — The request for video evidence is ridiculous enough on its own. Whitwam was filing a warranty claim for a broken mouse, not a luxury vehicle.

Then there are the requested contents of the video: show the minuscule serial number on the bottom of the mouse; open up a website and show both the screen and the mouse at the same time. And then — arguably the best part of Logitech’s response — please click the mouse "at least 100 times." At least 100 times.

Also, the number of typos in Logitech’s response is stressing me out.

Whitwam says he complained to Logitech until they waived the video requirement: a satisfying ending to a very strange story.