LG's smart wine cellar keeps the temperature perfect for each variety

It also has InstaView to help you find what you're looking for.

LG's smart home appliances now extend to your wine cellar. During a press conference in Las Vegas ahead of CES, the company took the wraps off the latest device in its Signature collection: a wine fridge equipped with multi-temperature control, InstaView, and a sensor to open the door when you approach.

LG's Signature Wine Cellar is optimized to ensure you do as little work as possible when selecting a bottle from your collection.

InstaView Knock Twice capability will light up the interior with a double-tap so you don't have to open the door until you know exactly what you want to take out. Inside, each level can be configured to best suit whichever variety is on the shelf. That means different temperatures for your whites, reds, and bubblies all in the same cooler.

It's not just temperature control — The smart wine fridge also comes with what LG calls Optimal Vintage Technology, meaning it keeps the environmental conditions just right for each variety beyond temperature alone. It also controls humidity, light, and vibration, according to the company.

"The benefit of that is every bottle is enjoyed as the vendor intended," David VanderWaal, Senior VP of Marketing, said onstage.

And, when you're finally ready to choose, a sensor at the bottom will open the door for you, hands-free because... well, why not?